Informed Decisions, Faster

Information is only as powerful as your ability to act on it in a timely manner. Adapt uses your valuation rules along with key data to generate fast, accurate property valuations in seconds. Whether you use an income based or HPA approach, Adapt empowers you to make informed decisions faster.

Everyday, thousands of man hours are spent
gathering data and manually underwriting
investment properties. The investor who can

evaluate a property quickly and make a buying decision will have an advantage in getting more offers made and more deals closed. With Adapt, the entire process takes just seconds for an individual property. Your REO buying process can proceed faster, with fewer employees. You look at more properties, make more offers and close more deals. If you are researching larger lists of properties such as those acquired through Auction, Bulk Buy or NPL, Adapt can help you do days of research and underwriting in hours or even minutes. Not sure whether or not a Bulk deal or NPL fits your model? Let Adapt process the list and help you determine whether or not additional resources should be spent completing the deal.