Your Rules = Your Value

With our patent pending MyValue model builder, you make the rules. Adapt gives you complete control, allowing you to customize your Valuation model to your specific needs. Make it as simple or as complex as you like.

Here's how WHY it works.

With a typical AVM you put 100% of
your trust in the system. For as much
as $25 they provide you with a report

that gives you information about a property along with their estimation of the current invenstment value. All of the assumptipons that go into calulating that value are controlled by the provider. The way you do business is no factor. With Adapt, the way you do business is at the center of the valuation model. You create as many custom fields or formulas as you like to help drive the calculation.

- Create unlimited custom variables and classify them as Income, Expense, Basis or Calculation
- Assign Custom variables a static value or calculate the value in real-time
- Use system defined variables (Rent, Rehab, HOA etc.) or your own custom variables in your calculations
- Robust scripting engine let's you use your own math formulas to generate values
- Create unique valuation models for funds or portfolios
- Create unique valuation models for specific geographies inclucding State, County, City and Zip Code

Once your model is defined, we use it to drive the valuation of properties you select. We feed your rules with proven rehab, rent and tax estimates to provide a an accurate valuation of each propoerty you research.

The "What If?" you can't get anywhere else

With your old AVM you get your estimated value but what then? What if you know that in a certain school district you can get $50 more a month in rent? What if you can cut some of the fat from your rehab budget? Your old AVM doesn't let you use the boots on the ground knowledge you've worked hard to acquire. In Adapt you simply adjust those values and it instantly recalculates the valuation and adjusts the comp map to refelect the difference.